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Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War

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Audio Articles

There are more than 500 local Talking Newspapers in the UK. They provide audio recordings (in a variety of formats) of local newspapers that are read out loud, recorded and edited by volunteers. The typical audience for Talking Newspapers is blind or partially sighted people. This BBC article gives some further insight.

The Forgotten Wrecks project is working with the Talking News Federation (www.tnf.org.uk) to create and distribute audio articles about the Forgotten Wrecks project for use by local Talking Newspapers around the country. The articles are available to listen to and download below. To download an article, click the download button and, in the new tab that will open, right click on the player and select 'save as'.

We are very grateful to Chris Litton and the Southampton Area Talking News for their support in the production of some of our Audio Articles. They have kindly provided facilities, knowledge, skills and time, enabling us to improve the quality of these audio articles.

Please check back regularly for more articles.

Download Name Play Size Duration
download 01 Forgotten Wrecks Introduction
Maritime Archaeology Trust

6.9 MB 7:31 min
download 02 Airship SSZ15
Finola Fitzpatrick

6 MB 6:35 min
download 03 Indian City
Finola Fitzpatrick

6.2 MB 6:45 min
download 04 Uboats 103 and 81
Finola Fitzpatrick

5.6 MB 6:07 min
download 05 SS Ballarat
Finola Fitzpatrick

4.2 MB 4:33 min
download 06 Netley Pier
Valerie Crick

9.7 MB 10:35 min
download 07 HMS Glatton
Valerie Crick

6.7 MB 9:06 min
download 08 SS Thisbe
Peter Crick

3.1 MB 4:20 min
download 09 SS Tycho and Portkerry
Valerie Crick

7.1 MB 7:45 min
download 10a SS John Mitchell - Part 1
Peter Crick

7.1 MB 9:48 min
download 10b SS John Mitchell - Part 2
Peter Crick

5.6 MB 7:48 min
download 11 SS Empress Queen
Valerie Crick

8.1 MB 10:53 min
download 12 HMS Formidable
Peter Crick

6.4 MB 7:00 min
download 13 HMS Glatton
Valerie Crick

8.3 MB 9:04 min
download 14 HMS Hazard
Peter Crick

4.3 MB 4:42 min
download 15 HMS Lanfranc
Andrew Daw

5.7 MB 6:12 min
download 16 HMS Niger
Peter Crick

3.8 MB 4:09 min
download 17 SS Algerian
Valerie Crick

7.9 MB 8:40 min
download 18 SS Donegal
Andrew Daw

7.5 MB 8:10 min
download 19 SS Galway Castle
Andrew Daw

8.1 MB 8:52 min
download 20 SS South Western
Peter Crick

7.1 MB 7:45 min