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Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War

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Diving and Surveying the Wrecks

Divers, dive clubs, companies, organisations and individuals hold a wealth of information about wreck sites. If you are happy to share this information with the general public, we would like to incorporate your knowledge and information into the Forgotten Wrecks project results so it will be publicly accessible via the website and national heritage records. All contributions will, of course, be fully credited.

The results of research carried out through and alongside the project will eventually be publically accessible via an online portal, in the meantime, please see the clickable map below for examples of how divers, dive groups, companies and organisations are generously sharing their research, dive videos and information about artefacts they have recovered in the past from the Forgotten Wrecks.

If you are/were a diver, surveyor or have access to data and information and are happy to share what you know, please see: