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Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War

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Resources For Divers

Divers, diving and recovered artefacts images

Below are information sheets and forms that have been created through the project, for the use of divers and dive clubs. The Maritime Archaeology Trust would like to thank individuals and organisations who have allowed us to adapt and incorporate previous relevant materials (acknowledged within the PDFs).


1. FW Info Pack for Divers: How you can help

2. FW Info Pack for Divers: First World War wrecks of interest (coming soon)

3. FW Info Pack for Divers: Dive Principles

4. FW Info Pack for Divers: Data & Copyright Form 

5. Information Sheets & Forms

 Guidance Sheets Download  Forms Download

5.1 Shipwreck features of interest

Basic Wreck Recording Form

5.2 Submarine features of interest          

Submarine Recording Form 

5.3 Guidance - Underwater Photography

FW Photographic Log Template 

5.4 Guidance - Underwater Video

  FW Video Track Template 
FW Video Log Template

5.5 Guidance - Measured Sketch


5.6 Guidance - Creating a Site Plan/Tape Survey