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Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War

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Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocahce (container) hidden at that location.

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Forgotten Wrecks Geocaches 

1. Old Contemptibles
The port of Southampton was the main embarkation point for the British Expeditionary Force soldiers leaving UK for the western front in France and Flanders at the beginning of 1914. Through this geocache you will discover one of the places that links Southampton with the First World War, specifically the role of Southampton Docks during the war. You will also find out who the ‘Old Contemptibles’ were and why this location is important in their history.  This geocache will take you to one of the historical buildings of Southampton: the former Docks’ Post Office and Telegraph building, dating from 1902.

Find out more at:

BBC Radio  about the role of the Port of Southampton throughout WW1

Further information about BEF and Beatrix Brice Miller:

Further information about BEF



2. Lost at Sea 

The War Memorial in the village of Netley Marsh, on the edge of the New Forest, commemorates the 30 men from the Parish who fell in the Great War. Finding this Geocache will allow you to discover the stories of the 7 who were lost at sea. 

See also our news article which contains a link to the Geocache listing to get you started! 



3. The Ponus 

The location of this cache overlooks the wreck of the British Cargo Steamer SS Ponus. Caught in a storm off the coast of Cornwall in November 1916, The Ponus was driven ashore on Gyllngvase beach where it’s cargo of oil caught fire and burned for three days. Thanks to several daring rescues, all hands were saved.

We are grateful to Cornish Maid and Rudger for creating this Geocache on our behalf, adopting it as the 6th Cache in their Wreck and Rescue series

Find out more at: 


4. SS T.R Thompson

This cache commemorates the loss of the the WW1 cargo ship SS T.R Thompson which was torpedoed and sank on 29th March 1918, 7 miles South of Newhaven. 33 of the 36 crew onboard were lost, many of whom were Indian (Lascar) sailors.   

We are grateful to Nick LostInTheWoods! for creating this Geocache on our behalf, adopting it as the part of his WW1 series - which are linked below. 


WW1 Geocaches along the South Coast owned by LostInTheWoods! 

Nick has created a brilliant set of very informative WW1 Geocaches in Sussex which he has kindly allowed us to link to: 


 WW1 Submarine UB-130's Deck Gun  https://coord.info/GC2M6YT 

 WW1 Royal Naval Air Station (Newhaven)  https://coord.info/GC4Q1YK 

 WW1 The Gas Chamber at Seaford (Capt. F.A. Varley) https://coord.info/GC4K3J6 

 WW1 RIP Willie Elijah Tshabana (East Dean) https://coord.info/GC4Q1YF 

 WW1 UB-121 Submarine (Birling Gap, Seven Sisters) https://coord.info/GC2MAMY 

 Archived, but the web page is still viewable: WW1 RNAS Polegate (Willingdon, Eastbourne)  https://coord.info/GC2D2EV 

 WW1 CWGC Headstones - DESTROYED (Eastbourne) https://coord.info/GC4K3PY 


Inland caches:

WW1 TOC H Plaque (War Memorial, Uckfield)  https://coord.info/GC1W80K 

WW1 German Howitzer (Cranbrook War Memorial)  https://coord.info/GC5KT8E