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Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War

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Would your venue/space like to host one of the Forgotten Wrecks displays?

The exhibition is about the First World War at sea, particularly off the south coast of England. Three of the panels give context and general information while the remaining two cover examples of shipwrecks that lie off the coast of the relevant county. 

Heartlands TEP  CollumptonTEP  

We are seeking venues in the following counties for the following dates, if you would like to host one, or have a suggestion for a venue (the more unusual the better!), please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

County Dates currently available  
Cornwall January - May 2018  
Sussex February - May 2018  
Kent February - May 2018  
Devon January - March 2018  

The Forgotten Wrecks Temporary Exhibitions comprise:

  • 5 free-standing modular interpretation panels that can be arranged in a variety of ways depending on room space/shape
  • A glass table display case containing artefacts from First World War shipwrecks
  • A glass costume display case (where space allows) and
  • A reading plinth with further information.

The exhibitions have been designed to be extremely flexible. There is no cost associated with hosting a Forgotten Wrecks Temporary Exhibition as this has been fully funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Look & Sea TEP  Sunken Secrets TEP


Click here to find out where the exhibitions are, have been and will be in the future. 



The Maritime Archaeology Trust is grateful to Martin Woodward and Dave Wendes for the loan of the artefacts that are being used for the Temporary Exhibitions.

More of Martin’s extensive collection can be seen at the Shipwreck Centre, Arreton Old Village, Isle of Wight.
Dave Wendes of Wight Spirit Diving Charters has published his extensive research in South Coast Shipwrecks: East Dorset and Wight 1870-1979 which is available from Amazon.

St Peter's Church TEP

Heritage Lottery Fund