Volunteers researching shipwrecks at The National Archives

With the dedicated and tireless help of our volunteers, the stories of the 1100 First World War shipwrecks along the south coast of the UK has been brought together for the first time.

For some vessels, details of their whole lives have been readily accessible, captured in official reports, newspapers, personal accounts, and even photographs. Their stories are often tragic, but just as much filled with courage, tenacity, and even, sometimes, a little bit of humour. For other ships, many of the details of the construction and service have gone unrecorded and unremaked. For these vessels, we have gathered what sparse details we can. Their names, at least, will be remembered.

The results of this research are available in our database. Many individual stories have been turned into articles, audio articles, videos, paintings and 3D models, which you can explore here.

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