Discover the People

Discover the People

The People of the Forgotten Wrecks

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As well as highlighting the existence of the Forgotten Wrecks, the project is aiming to commemorate the myriad of ordinary people linked to the ships lost off the south coast during the Great War. 

This included people of all nationalities, merchant seamen, fishermen, service personnel, civilian passengers, patients and nurses. Each day of the conflict, people like all of us worked, served and sometimes died along the south coast. The Forgotten Wrecks project will help us recognise and appreciate how their ordinary lives were impacted by the extraordinary circumstance of the First World War. By discovering and telling their stories, we will remember them. 

Working with the Imperial War Museum’s Lives of the First World War (LoFWW) digital memorial, the Forgotten Wrecks project has created ‘communities’ of individuals who were on some of the Forgotten Wrecks when they were lost. These ‘communities’ take on lives of their own as people from all over the world can add detail and photographs to the Life Story pages of the individuals in the communities.

During the project a number of people contacted the MAT with photographs of relatives lost on south coast wrecks. Where possible and with the permission of the families, these have been added to the individual’s Life Story page on the digital memorial.

About HMS Formidable | HMS Formidable Community on LofFWW  

About SS War Knight SS War Knight Community on LoFWW 

About MFA Eleanor | MFA Eleanor Community on LoFWW 

About SS South Western | SS South Western Community on LoFWW 

About Airship SSZ15 | Airship SSZ15 Community on LoFWW

About Airship C8 | Airship C8 Community on LoFWW

About Hospital Ships | HMHS Glenart Castle Community on LoFWW

About HMHS Galway Castle | HMHS Galway Castle Community on LoFWW

About HMHS Lanfranc | HMHS Lanfranc Community on LoFWW

About HMHS Asturias | HMHS Asturias Community on LoFWW

About HMT Donegal | HMT Donegal Community on LoFWW

About HMT Arfon | HMT Arfon Community on LoFWW

HMD New Dawn Community on LoFWW

SS Maloja Community on LoFWW

HMAT Warilda Community on LoFWW


We also have a selection of articles on individuals, written by our volunteers:

Black and Asian Silors of the First World War

Captain Fryatt 

Silver War Badges

Violent Long

Thomas Charles Farrell


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