Uncover the Artefacts

Uncover the Artefacts

The Artefacts of the Forgotten Wrecks

The Forgotten Wrecks project has been a non-recovery project and did not be involve raising artefacts, however, many objects have been recovered from sites in the past and are currnetly held in dispersed collections (some public, some private). Where possible, and with the help of volunteers, the project aimed to record them to help 'virtually reunite and recreate’ the archive of sites via a digital record.

What should you do if you find an artefact?

If you suspect that you have found an archaeological artefact, First World War or otherwise, check out our guidelines on what to do with it.

Where can you see these artefacts?

A number of First World War artefacts (among many others) are held at the Shipwreck Centre, Arreton Barnes, Isle of Wight. You can get free entry to the museum with Friends of the Maritime Archaeaololgy Trust membership.

3D models have also been generated of some of these artefacts by our staff and volunteers:

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